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I've got to be the luckiest photographer EVER because Maddy and Melissa flew me to Richmond, VA to take their maternity pictures and visit for a couple of days! I've known these two since the beginning of their relationship and they have been there for me though a lot. I forced them in front of my camera when I started pursuing my photography dream and have had the pleasure of photographing lots of moments for them since. I loved spending some much needed time with my sweet friends and it made my heart so happy watching them hang out with James, they are seriously going to be the best mommas! I can't wait to meet their precious baby boy!!

When we arrived on Saturday afternoon, we got settled then drove to a small neighborhood that Maddy and Melissa discovered earlier this year while looking for non-crowded places to walk during the pandemic. This neighborhood was an absolute DREAM LOCATION! Every single house was unique and beautiful and enormous, each one a different color with different builds and cute little front doors, and ohhhh the landscaping! Perfectly groomed grass and lovely arrangements of plants around every corner. The light filtered perfectly through the tall trees on every single property for the perfect glow. There were cute little benches, walking paths, and bridges scattered throughout the neighborhood; we knew it was the perfect location for their session.

The next day we hung out around their house, watching James terrorize their poor puppies (he LOVES dogs), and that afternoon we geared up for their maternity photos. We planned outfits and hairdos and did makeup, then headed to the neighborhood! James hung out in the stroller for most of the session and was the cutest cheerleader, although I am sure I looked absolutely insane trying to photograph a couple while wrangling a squirming baby and trying to keep him from crawling into the street! We couldn’t have asked for a better location or more perfect weather, and I could go on and on about the session but I’ll the pictures speak for themselves.

On Monday and Tuesday we went to Trader Joe's and all the stuff I got made my luggage overweight (the closest one here is over an hour away)! We also went to Maymont nature trail where we saw all sorts of wildlife, bears, bald eagles, deer, and even a fox, I think I was more excited about the animals then James was! After that we went on a wild Starbucks hunt because I ordered online to the wrong location and Maddy doesn't know how to follow the GPS, hahahaha! Then we went to Micheal's and got supplies so I could make them a milestone board for baby boy! I loved getting to spend time with Maddy and Melissa and it was hard to leave, but how can you be upset when you leave with stunning photos like these??

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