Three Ways to Make Your Session Unique | Cheyenne, WY | CHP Families

Everyone wants their photos to be unique! Whether you're doing senior portraits, a couples session, or your annual family photos, you aren't paying for the exact same thing everyone else gets. So, think outside of the box and make your session unique with these three tips!


Use your personal network to get access to places the general public isn't allowed! Do you know a friend that works in a hotel or casino and could possibly get you access to the roof? Is someone you know a member of a club that has pretty landscaping or an awesome building? Does your neighbor have a really cool barn or (in this case) do you work on a ranch with a bunch of super cute cows? It never hurts to ask your friends and family for access to places like this, the worst they can say is no! If it’s in your budget, you could even pay a little extra to have your session at a local museum, sunflower field, or botanical gardens.


I don’t mean silly hats or fake mustaches, although I love a good silly hat, I’m talking about the big guns! Maybe you have a couch that you bring to all the family sessions you’ve ever done (see below 😉) or maybe one of your family members owns an antique truck that would be perfect for snuggling up in the back! Do you have a really cute bike with a basket you could fill with flowers? The possibilities are endless!


What’s something you do all the time? Let me tag along and document it! Do you take the kids to the pick-your-own-strawberry field or the pumpkin patch every year? Those make super cute photos! Do you go hiking or hang out at the beach every weekend? What about a picnic at the park, antique shopping, or baking cookies in the kitchen? All these things not only make your photo session unique to you, but they also make it that much more enjoyable because you’re doing something you love!

I’d love to hear all the session ideas you can think of after reading this, so comment on my Instagram post here!

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