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Nick only counts this as The First Proposal, but like I said, he's WRONG! After Nick asked me to marry him outside my room, we talked about the wedding and decided that we weren't going to tell anyone about getting married. We figured we would just keep it a secret until we were able to plan a wedding and invite our loved ones to celebrate. We chose a date that worked with both of our schedules and asked a couple of friends if they'd want to be a witness. That week, I found out that I was getting stationed in Norfolk, VA. We had already known that Nick was going to Bahrain and that we were going to be apart for at least a year, so getting orders to the biggest Naval area in the world meant that it would be easier for Nick to get his next set of orders there, too.

I am not sure if it was my awesome ability to turn situations awkward or my nerves getting to me, but the week before we decided to get married, I decided to play a 'prank' on Nick. Looking back now, it doesn't seem like a prank, it's just quite mean.. But who can blame a very awkward eighteen year old girl for being a little nervous about marrying her first serious boyfriend of only six months? Nick and I had been sitting in his car after class when I told him I thought we should wait to get married. He asked why, and with no real intention of actually waiting, I made up some explanation about being responsible and waiting to celebrate with our families. He was understanding, but very disappointed.

Sometime that week I made him take me to the mall to "look around" and when we got there I asked him to keep an eye for a white dress. HIs eyes lit up and when he asked why I casually responded, "Because we're getting married on Tuesday!" He just smiled, grabbed my hand, and led me to the first store with a white dress, and that's the one I ended up buying!

The Sunday before the big day, we hung out with some friends at my Uncle's house. It was a school night, so I was a little worried about getting back before curfew, but when we got back to base Nick told me to wait in the car while he ran up to his room to use the restroom (this was odd to me, but I waited patiently). When he got back in the car, he put something in the backseat and starting driving off base again. After many unanswered questions, we arrived at where he had taken me on our First Date. Even though the lighthouse had been closed for hours and we could see it from the car, he insisted we get out and look at it up close.

As we walked up the pathway to the Pensacola Lighthouse, I could tell he was nervous because of how sweaty his hand was. I figured he was going to propose (again) but when we reached the end of the path we just kind of stood there and he said nothing. I was still a little nervous about getting caught out after curfew so I told Nick we should get going and started towards the car. He grabbed my hand and told me to, "Hold on, wait just a few more minutes." Another minute passed in silence as we stood there staring at the lighthouse in the dark. I was just about to tell him we should really be leaving when he let go of my hand, got down on one knee, and asked me to spend the rest of our lives together (for the second time)!

Of course I said yes and although I had known we were already getting married, when he stood up and wrapped me in a hug, I shed a few tears because I am an emotional sap, and honestly, how sweet is that?

You can find this entire blog series about Nick & I's road to marriage HERE!

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