Maddy & Melissa Pregnancy Announcement | Virginia Beach, VA | CHP Families

I just want it to be known that I have a ton of respect for my fellow mommas out there. Growing a human is rough, birthing a baby is rough, raising a child is rough! However, I have a little extra space in my heart for those mommas that have to work really hard or struggle to have a baby. For example, Melissa had to get over 200 shots, and poor Maddy had to give her most of them.. talk about rough!

When Maddy and Melissa first told me that they were starting their journey to become parents, I think I jumped out of my seat with excitement. Two of my favorite people bringing a sweet baby into this world is pretty dang exciting, don't ya think? Maddy told me up front that if they did get pregnant, they wouldn't be telling anyone right away, but to no fault of their own I found out way earlier that I was supposed to. When I got that news, I KNOW I jumped out of my seat, I also screamed a little bit, and my jaw hung open for quite a long time.

There is nothing quite like seeing the people you love be happy and these two were radiating happiness. I just know they are going to make the best mommas and I can't wait to see them again later this year to take maternity photos!

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