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As Nick walked me back to my room after a morning date I noticed he was a little nervous. I didn't think too much of it, but when we got to my door and said our goodbyes it seemed like he had more to say. When nothing else came out of his mouth, we parted ways and I started getting ready for class. About five minutes later I heard a knock on my door and thought "Great, another stupid room inspection, " but when I opened the door all I saw was a super nervous guy with a huge smile on his face.

What came next was a sentence I hadn't imagined I would hear for years to come: "What would you.. uh.. think about.. ummm.. maybe getting married?" My heart started pounding, my mind started racing, and I could feel my face getting redder by the second. So many thoughts popped into my head: "Seriously?" "Did I really just get proposed to?" "Wow, he really does like me!" "Oh. My. Gosh." "Answer him!" "What do I say?" "YES!!!" But what came out was: "Uh, yeah!" I gave him a quick peck on the lips, shut the door, and started dancing around my room like an idiot. The next day, we were shopping for rings!

This wasn’t your conventional, down on one knee, ring in hand proposal, but I think it’s important to note that it still counts as a proposal! Nick doesn’t agree with me though. He claims that since there was no ring it was more like a discussion about the subject of marriage. He always argues that, “No one proposes without talking about it first," but he is WRONG!

What are your thoughts? That this counts as the first proposal? Yeah, I think so, too!

We went on a lunch date the week after the first proposal and I got this in my fortune cookie! How perfect is that??

You can find this entire blog series about Nick & I's road to marriage HERE!

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