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For the first couple of weeks after our first date, it was really hard to see each other. We worked different shifts so we only got to see each other on the weekends and most of that time was with our friends! I think we ended up only going on like three dates the entire month of December, one of those was just a road trip to pick someone up and another we went to dinner with a friend. Then the holidays came and Nick drove home to Mississippi and I flew home to Wyoming.

While I was back home, spending time with my best friends, I remember telling them that I really liked Nick but I didn’t think he was that into me. I didn’t want to come off as clingy so I took extra long to text him back and didn’t respond to quite a few of his snapchats, that was until alcohol got involved on New Year’s Eve. That night, Nick became friends with my best friend, Winnie, and she sent him a bunch of snapchats of me absolutely trashed talking about how much I liked him.

After we returned to Pensacola it didn’t take long for us to become inseparable. We spent as much time together as our schedules allowed and I even kept a cute calendar of all the stuff we did. He met my mom and I met his family, we went skydiving, battleship exploring, sailing, and saw more movies than I can count. We spent over half of our weekends in Mississippi visiting his family, since they only lived two hours away.

One of those weekends in Mississippi, Nick was tickling me. FYI, I don’t like being tickled.. I lose all control of my body and my laugh gets absurd. When Nick first found out I was ticklish, I made him pinky promise he wouldn’t tickle my armpits and if he broke that pinky promise I would break up with him! Anyways, Nick was tickling me on the couch and in the middle of all the squirming and screaming and laughing I blurted out, “I JUST LOVE YOU!” Then I panicked and mumbled, “Uh, uh, oh, mmmm, uh,” and pulled him in for a hug so he couldn’t see how red my face was! He said, “I love you too,” and it wasn’t long before we were engaged!

You can find this entire blog series about Nick & I's road to marriage HERE!

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