First Post-Move Session | Julia | CHP Seniors

It's been almost two weeks since we arrived here in Mississippi and we've been going non-stop! We've been visiting family, house hunting, adjusting to living with people, catching up, getting into new routines, acclimating to the weather, working out, sitting poolside, sailing, paddle boarding, hiking, oh and photo sessions! We've been BUSY!!

For the last six years, every time we've gone home, we've packed everything missed since our last trip into the short week we get to visit. That's what it kind of feels like now, like we are on vacation but don't know where we're going to go next, and honestly.. It's a little weird! Not bad by any means, but weird! As time goes on, our independent selves will get used to being around family and having a little more support and our home body selves will adjust to actually getting out of the house to do things! It'll just take time.

One thing I know I am excited about is being able to concentrate and focus so much of my energy on this little business of mine. I have goals and plans and I can't wait to dive in! My first session after moving to the Gulf Coast was an absolute dream. It may have been hotter than hot and really stinking humid, but the light was dreamy, the locations were perfect, and Julia KILLED her senior session!

Not only did she have the most amazing outfits, perfectly curled hair, and killer eyeshadow, Julia was so sweet and hands down one of the easiest clients I have ever worked with! She trusted me and it paid off, I mean look how stunning these photos are!

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