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Let's be honest.. Family sessions can be hard! Kids can be unpredictable and there are so many moving parts; outfits, hair, accessories, back up clothes, diapers, snacks, and all the extras you will need to combat the weather. For many hard working parents, a family session can feel intimidating and maybe not worth the time. But have no fear, the CHP Session Guide is here! When you book a family session, you get a session guide with every bit of information you'll need to take any and all stress out of your session, because family pictures are soo important! These pictures will be cherished by many family members for years to come, and when you get photos of your family all smiling and actually having a good time, I promise you it'll be worth it!

The Martinez Family was not only fun and easy to work with because of their contagious smiles and flexibility, but because of how prepared they came for their session! The boys had food, drinks, and their favorite stuffed animals for in between locations. They even brought a close family friend to help out with baby Athena when she got hungry or needed a nap. Momma brought comfortable walking shoes to swap with her stylish heels when she wasn't in front of the camera, and the parents had a nice treat planned for after the session to help encourage good behavior! As long as we're being honest, bribes are the key to a smiling, cooperative kiddo, on a nice day when they can hear other kids screaming at a playground just around the corner! ;) All of these preparations and more are included in the CHP Session Guide to help make your family session an easy and memorable one. Now enjoy some of my favorites of this sweet family!

Aren’t baby yawns the cutest??

What could have possibly made two boys at this age laugh this hard?? Talking about farting, of course!

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