First Trip to Disney | Thanksgiving 2018 | Here Come The Hansens

Just warning you now, this is a LONG one! Growing up with two sisters and two cousins in the middle of nowhere made taking cross country vacations nearly impossible. Can you imagine the airfare for seven people or being stuck in a car with that many people for more than two hours? Instead, we spent most of our summers and holidays going to lake and visiting family and I wouldn’t dream of changing that. I don’t think that I would have been able to fully appreciate the entire Disney experience as a kid any way.

For those of you that have been to Disney World as an adult, I am positive you know exactly what I am talking about, and for those of you who haven’t gone, you are in for a real treat! (Side note: If you haven’t been to Disney in a while, I would consider doing some serious research, because there is truly a science behind the whole experience.) The amount of detail and thought that has gone into the Disney parks absolutely blows my mind. They have seriously thought of everything, from the design and space between the trash cans to dinosaur tracks in the concrete.

I had the pleasure of spending five days with Nick and his family at Disney World during the week of Thanksgiving. Although it was not the traditional, getting dressed up and cooking all day, it was a glorious, fun packed week. We spent the first night exploring the resort and walking around Disney Springs, we ate at a dinosaur themed restaurant that terrified every child under the age of three every 15 minutes when the lights flickered and the dinosaurs came to life.

Day 1

We spent the first day in the parks at Magic Kingdom, where right off the bat, my niece Violette (dressed as Cinderella), stole Peter Pan’s heart and got a VIP tour and special meet and greet with the real Cinderella. After about twenty minutes of conversation with little miss Violette, Peter Pan told her that she was, “pretty sophisticated for a two-year-old,” to which she responded “I know!” After our first ride, we discovered we had forgotten to reload the diaper bag and we only had one diaper change before we would need to make our way back to the front of the park to buy more. We were in the middle of a rider swap when Jack used the last diaper. We figured since he had just gone number two, we would be okay to finish out the rider swap and the let other half of the group ride before buying diapers, but baby jack had other plans. Only about ten minutes had passed since the last diaper change when Nick felt his leg get warm, Peter and I convinced him that Jack was only farting because he had just gone, but when Nick lifted Jack off his leg, there was a runny, stinky gift on his shorts. All of a sudden, the towel we made fun of Peter for bringing to the park, was an absolute necessity

Day 2

By the second day, we had made and checked a ‘must have’ list twice, and figured out the science behind our fast passes. We spent the day at Animal Kingdom where we saw the Tree of Life, got soaked on the river rapids, went on a desert safari, and then a dessert safari (the Mickey ice cream is just too good to resist). We saw the most amazing live/sing-a-long version of The Lion King, which was easily one of my favorite parts of the entire week. I also got to ride Expedition Everest twice, it was incredible, roller coasters are my favorite type of rides.

Day 3

We spent our third day in Hollywood Studios. Nick got to see more storm troopers than you could count, and we got to see my favorite part of the park, Toy Story Land. When you’re in this section of park, you legit feel like a tiny toy, they have giant army men, and Uno cards the size of a door. The wall to this part of the park looks like a giant fence and the plants they have

throughout the park make you feel like you are an ant walking through grass. It’s insane! Later that night we got to head over to the Contemporary Resort on the monorail and eat dinner at Chef Mickey’s.

This dinner was a little tough for me (and you aren’t allowed to judge me here) because I am afraid of mascots, like deathly afraid! I once saw someone in one of those giant animal heads in Walmart and legit sprinted to the other side of the store, leaving Nick to fend for himself. It really freaks me out when you can’t see someone’s face.. you just never know who’s under there! Anyway, Violette got to meet all of the characters and Nick got to take a picture with his favorite character, Goofy! My favorite part of the night was when all of the characters went in the back and I got to enjoy my macarons in peace.

Day 4

As you can imagine at this point, we were all pretty tired, still enjoying the magic of Disney, but sleep deprived and wishing we could ride in the stroller! Ha! We spent most of the day at Magic Kingdom, re-riding our favorite rides, and enjoying some of the things we missed on the first day! Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip with me, if I didn’t injure myself or misplace something, luckily it was latter of the two, but unfortunately it was my wallet. Once I realized it was gone, I went back to the rides to see if anyone had found anything. With no luck, I froze my cards and filed a lost item report online. While I patiently waited for a notification that my wallet had been found, we rode more rides, enjoyed the park, and someone got peed on! Violette had been using going to the bathroom as an excuse to get out of rides she thought were going to be scary, but she loved them as soon as they started, and we knew she’d really enjoy It’s a Small World. About halfway through the ride we realized she wasn’t just trying to get out of the ride and she had an accident on, none other than, Uncle Nick’s lap! The best part of the whole thing, was that after she got changed and Nick got cleaned up, she refused to hug Nick, because he was “soaking wet” with her pee. Kids are the greatest, aren’t they? When the time came to leave the park, I still hadn’t received any word on my wallet, but we stopped by the customer service center just in case and luckily they had my wallet, all cards, cash, and IDs still in it! That night we headed to Epcot for dinner and got to ride Mission to Mars with less a than 15-minute wait. Oh and I can’t forget to mention that we were dressed as Snow White (Violette) and the Seven Dwarfs, matching T-shirts are must on family vacation!

Day 5

Still exhausted, but not ready for the trip to end, we spent our last day in the parks at Epcot. We did some serious dessert eating and souvenir shopping. The best food, by far, was in France, where I shamelessly ate both ice cream and crème brulee, diets don’t exist at Disney, it’s the happiest place on Earth! We headed back to the hotel pretty early on day five expecting to be back later, the kids needed a nap, heck, I needed a nap! Instead we ended up swimming at the resort pool and watching the fireworks from the hammocks. Overall, I am not sure the trip could have gone better. It was fun and magical and absolutely AMAZING. Oh, and I’ll just say this for the millionth time, I have the best in-lawsEVER!

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