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Until about a year ago, I had terrible self-confidence, I mean horrible!! I questioned everything I did to the point of failure; it didn't matter how hard I worked or what the outcome was, I still felt like a failure. It was affecting me at work, my marriage, my friendships, my happiness.. EVERYTHING! And don't get me wrong, I think a part of me will always struggle with this, but around this time last year, I had an ah-ha moment that really got my butt into business gear, so let me explain!

When I bought my first camera, I had no intention of starting any type of business! My goal was to document my own life and nothing more, but then I started stealing these amazing moments with my camera. I got to capture the disgust on my niece's face as she got dirty eating her birthday cake, and minutes later, the immense amount of joy she had while swinging at her first piñata. I got to freeze the nervousnesses and excitement of the first ever time my husband held a baby and the love he had for her. It was all I could talk about, it's all I wanted to do; and that's when my sister-in-law forced me to make an instagram account and the dream to own a photography business was born.

I starting taking photography courses and watching youtube videos, learning everything that I could. I even hopped in front of the camera for a boudoir session, but my self-confidence kept getting in the way. The fear of not being good enough at photography, at work, in life, caused me to stop doing everything, including taking pictures. I thought to myself, if I can't be happy, what business do I have documenting other people's happiness? I hated the way I felt, so I started seeing a therapist and making changes.

Through more work than I'd like to admit, at this time last year, I finally felt like I was good enough, good enough in photography, good enough at work, and good enough at being Chelsea. It wasn't that my skills and knowledge had vastly improved over night, I just started working on the way I felt about myself. For the first time, almost two years after my boudoir session, I could look at those pictures and see a strong, beautiful woman. So, I started a business that can help you find the best you, whether it's the best mom or family, the best couple or senior. Whatever the best you is, my goal is to help you see all of the wonderful things everyone else sees in you, because I know it's not always easy to see those things yourself.

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