Best Friend Senior Session | Norfolk, VA | CHP Portraits

Best friends are hard to come by, but if you're lucky you'll spend your elementary soccer seasons as her rival and find out your cousin lives next door to her grandma, and then you'll end up being inseparable for your high school years. And even though best friends are hard to come by they'll do just about anything for you, including travel all the way from Wyoming to Virginia just for a visit.

This isn't the first time my bestie Hailey has made the trek all the way across the country for me and I am sure it won't be the last, because when Hailey and I are together the goofiness comes out and the laughs don't stop (see photos below for proof)! For the last eight years we've been hanging out on the water, crafting, and having crazy photo adventures. So as you can imagine this trip was nothing short of just that.

We spent a couple days at the beach (getting pooped on by a bird, for the second time, and sharing a paddle board was quite the spectacle for our fellow beach goers), we made gifts at AR Workshop, and went on a 2+ hour photo adventure in the Neon District in Norfolk. However, this photo shoot was a little different than our usual adventures because we were celebrating a big achievement in Hailey's life. This December, my best friend will be graduating from the University of Wyoming, so here are some of my favorites from her senior session!

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