Easter Break Portrait Session | Virginia Beach, VA | CHP Portraits

When I found out my mom and little sister were visiting for Easter I was extremely excited considering they're 1,785 miles away. This meant it would be a full week of family for me, the in-laws at the beginning and my family towards the end.

When I mentioned to my friends that my in-laws were coming to town while Nick was on deployment, the first question they asked was, 'Isn't that going to be awkward?' Luckily, I am beyond blessed with AMAZING in-laws. My week started out with a trip to the ocean front, drinks at Smart Mouth Pilot House, and getting my butt kicked at Top Golf. Chewie got some well deserved extra attention and we got to test out my clearance section ping pong set.

The week ended with more trips to the beach (my mom's first time seeing the ocean), making an awesome project at AR Workshop, and getting my butt kicked at Top Golf, AGAIN! Oh and this amazing session happened, too! When did my little sister get so beautiful and why didn't I get her hair? I also included some bloopers and photos of Chewie getting spoiled all week!

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