Hello there, I'm Chelsea!


     I'm Chelsea Hansen and I'm so glad you're here. I am a dessert-eating, sweatpants-wearing, water-loving photographer. I am married to the most wonderful man, mom to the chunkiest little boy, and dog-mom to our beagle, Chewbarka. I can craft like there is no tomorrow, and the bigger mess I make in the kitchen the better the baked goods will be. I love being a mom and pre-baby thought I was a neat freak, how does someone so little have so many things?? I absolutely hate doing the dishes and if disposable place settings weren't so bad for the environment, I'd use them all the time...

     I am a strong believer in believing in yourself and enjoying every bit of life we are given. I make it a point to make every day a cheerful one and find greatness in every situation. I'd say I'm goofier than the average person, and both my mom and my husband tell me I dress like an old lady (no offense to any older ladies), but I promise I'm working on that!

     I love the outdoors.. the smells, the sounds, and the sun on my face. I enjoy the rain and all things water, which is a bit funny considering I grew up in the landlocked state of Wyoming! I recently transitioned from active duty and am now a reservist in the United States Navy. I spend most of my time figuring out how to be a good momtrepreneur, but during my free time you can find me doing one of the following:

Taking photos

Watching The Office






Being lazy at home

Mississippi Gulf Coast Photographer.jpg

Beginners yoga


Meet  My   Family

Nick Hansen

AKA The Most Handsome Guy EVER, is also the best husband ever. Although we didn't know it at the time, Nick and I went to boot camp together. Our relationship started with us waving to each other in the galley (military version of a cafeteria) and turned into three proposals (although he claims it was only two) and two weddings! Nick is a closet romantic, he might deny it, but he is wonderful at making me cry happy tears. He is the perfect mixture of adventurer and couch potato unless it involves any sort of traffic, then it's couch potato all day long. Despite not liking big crowds, Nick is a people person! He can strike up a conversation with just about anyone and have them laughing in no time. Speaking of laughing, my husband is the king of cheesy jokes, some may say too cheesy, but not me! He has recently taken up wildlife photography, but I have a strong feeling he'll be a part of my business in no time!


AKA Chewie, joined our family in January of 2016 when Nick woke me up from a nap telling me we were finally getting a puppy. What a great way to wake up from a nap, right? We had a cat named Luke Skywhiskers, so we knew if we ever got a puppy we would name it Chewbarka, and I can't stress to you enough how bad of an idea that was. You should NEVER name a pet before you meet them or you will jinx yourself. All he does is chew and bark and bark and chew. He has chewed up six remotes, three batteries, two spatulas, countless shoes and wrappers, as well as part of a two-seater couch, and everything the cat knocked off the counter. I swear they were in cahoots! Despite Chewie's destructive jaw, he is the best cuddler and has the cutest head tilt ever (see photo above)!

James Hansen

AKA Baby James, is the newest addition to the Hansen fam and is by far the cutest little chunk I've ever laid my eyes on! He's got the most adorable gummy smile that he doesn't like to show the camera and has had a squishy double chin since birth. He loves to make a certain noise (ahh-ooo is probably how it would be spelled) but makes himself cry when he can't figure out how to do it repeatedly. It's so funny and so sad all at the same time! His favorite things right now are taking baths, blowing spit bubbles, chit chatting with mom and dad, and pinching the back of dad's arms any chance he gets. He loves chomping on his pacifier but hates sucking on it which means you basically have to hold it in his mouth the entire time he uses it. If you follow along on Instagram you'll see more frequent updates on my favorite little chuck!


More about the Hansens


My Mission

The starting point..

     My experience with a camera started in my high school yearbook class, where I was able to capture my classmates' journies. When I purchased my first camera I had no intention of photographing anything but my own life. While hiding in the background documenting my families' lives, I started stealing these amazing moments with my camera. The way my sister-in-law looks at her daughter or the excitement on my niece's face when she swung at her first piñata. I loved that I was able to freeze these moments for my family and I knew I wanted to capture them for others, but my reason for starting a business changed when I stepped in front of the camera. 

In front of the lens..

     I booked a boudoir session with a local photographer. I was a little excited, super nervous, and way out of my comfort zone. There were a few times I thought about canceling, because my self-confidence was getting in the way. Of course, I loved the photos, Amanda Korell is an amazing photographer, but it wasn't until almost two years later and some serious self-care that the images she delivered changed the way I looked at myself. I used to look at those photos and only see a good hair day, but when I look at those photos now I see a strong, beautiful woman. The best part is, is that I see that same strong, beautiful woman in the mirror every single day, good hair day or not, and because of that I am determined to help others see the best in themselves, too.

What I want for you..

     My mission when photographing you is to make you feel like the best you, whether it's the best mom or family, the best couple or senior, the best YOU! My goal is to help you see all of the wonderful things everyone else sees in you, because I know it's not always easy to see those things yourself. I plan on getting to know you and making you laugh, but most importantly my mission is to help you believe in yourself, because trust me, you're awesome!

Ready to find out how awesome you are?